Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The meaning of relationship

Relationships are the most importance aspects of human lives. Understanding their true nature is essential to the development and evolution of personal enlightenment.

Most people don’t have the relationship skills needed to develop meaningful, satisfying relationships. That is why so many families have problems and are failing today.
The relationship is usually defined by intimacy and the partners’ past or current commitment to each other. It is a connection between two or more variables usually assessed by a measure of association.

The relationships may be causal, meaning that the changes in one variables depend on the changes in another; or they may be correlational, meaning that the variables tend to change at the same time, but there is no necessarily a causal relationship between the two variables.

The challenges to a relationship may come from society, family, emotional or physical health, culture, religion, and/or economics.
The meaning of relationship
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